Testimonials From Real Customers

Gaby Acosta

My dog has arthritis in one his back legs and though with time he is able to stand on it, I notived that with this product he is able to recover faster. I will more than luckily up the dosage by moving to the oil product but this is great for starting your pet on CBD! 

Paula Baeza

My 17 year old chihuahua is racked with arthritis and moving is painful for her. We started giving her 1/2 teaspoon daily and now she spins in circles when she sees us and actually tries to jump up on our laps like she used to! I’m a believer in this for her pain and inflammation. I would very realistically say this improved her quality of life and I am so grateful we tried this. Definitely recommend this product!

Danny K

Been giving my Cane Corso this for months to help with kennel anxiety and it seems to help calm him down some. Love this stuff and glad it actually helps him.

How To Give Hemp To Your Pet

How to give your dog CBD

Add drops to their food or water (as recommended)

How to give your dog CBD

Apply to paws or skin as needed

How to give your dog CBD

Add drops to treats

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Hemp Products for Animals


100% Organic Premium Hemp Products. Guaranteed. Laboratory Tested & Approved.

At CannaPaws we use the full flower, organically grown high Hemp strain cannabis to make all of our high quality products! A very small trace of THC ensures that our products are non-psychoactive (no “high”). Our all natural Hemp products are made from whole plant extract certified food grade and approved by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.

SAVE 25% OFF your first order with COUPON CODE “paws25”

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